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You could have the coolest website or the most organized database, but unless you know how to CONVERT on your leads, it’s all meaningless!

Here’s what happens when we search for some sort of “shortcut” or “easy-button” in order to produce the results we’re hoping to achieve:

One important thing to do is ask yourself this simple question, “what makes you different than anybody else that you compete with?”

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Do you want to master the art and science of lead conversion and marketing to become a dynamic closer? I can help. I personally guarantee it.
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Over the past ten years Isaiah has helped thousands of sales professionals and small business owners across the nation develop strong sales and marketing skills. Join his journey to live into your greatness.

Meet Isaiah Colton

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“Isaiah’s sales and marketing training is superior because it gives me the exact pathway to take action and get immediate results.

Ben L. , KW
Terri Bias

I have been working with Isaiah’s team for over 3 years and I am excited about the ISA consulting service he is launching.”

Terri B., TB&A

Great, if I or anyone does half of what you said, it was worth it 10x over.”

Andrew T., Realtor

There aren’t many people that know more about lead conversion than Isaiah does.”

Michael H., CW

“Just want to say. I outlined my last few transactions- 3S style. Hook- Story- offer ! I must say I have so much content from just the last week! Time to record!”

Amy I., Aquent


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