Hi everyone! Isaiah Colton here, I wanted to reach out with this incredible story regarding my Geo-Farming Secrets campaign. So, about a week ago, I was interacting with a post in the Club Wealth private Facebook group when one of the awesome agents there posted a question about Geo- Farming postcards!

I jumped into the conversation because I happened to teach a program called GEO-Farming Secrets using what I call the 3S System. I told her I would give her free the series of 24 postcards and videos I use to farm local areas. Long story short, over 400 agents in the group requested access to the free postcards and videos! I had to shut off my Facebook messenger notification because I could not get any work done! Those 338 comments are mostly people giving me their email and phone number to send them the marketing materials.

As I started sending the materials out one by one (ugh lol), I had several people ask me to put together actual training so they could understand the entire system. Between those requests and how powerful the system has been for me, I felt compelled to put something more formal together and also allow you to get full access to my system and not just the postcards.

In the training I teach, “How to apply the 3S system” to your entire marketing strategy, “How I use Artificial Intelligence to identify hot geo areas,” and “The sales scripts” that I use to convert leads. You can click on the link below to get access to your free postcards and videos along with the entire system I use. Go to www.clubwealthgeofarmingsecrets.com to get your complimentary marketing materials. We normally charge thousands of dollars for this stuff, folks, but we’re feeling generous in the new year!

You will want to give the campaign time to work, but after about six months, the postcards and video marketing (perhaps combined with some Facebook re-targeting) will start generating a ton of listings.

Happy New Year & Happy Geo-Farming! Isaiah Colton

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